About Us
Our Mission

To Deliver Infrastructure Projects Ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction & Delight.
To Constantly Adopt Innovative Methods And Best Construction Practices.
To Protect The Environment And Help The Development Of Our Employees And Society.

Our Core Values

Involving People
Applying Knowledge
Making Things Happen

Our Vision & Motto

Our Vision

"Payan Maram Ullur Pazhuttaal Selvam Naynudaya Yaankan Padin."

Our Motto

Our motto is to follow the footsteps of our Tamil Great scholar Tiruvalluvar who in one of his kurals has compared the wealthy philanthropist with the best fruit bearing tree in a village providing fruits to all. Similarly all our staff should stand as a strength in & around their area of work. They have to be dependable to those who are dependant on them. This is how we wish to develop ourselves & our team members.

Company Profile

VELOHAR INFRA PRIVATE LIMITED Formed In The Year 2007, Is An Independent Consulting and Engineering Company Offering A Complete Spectrum Of Technical, Commercial And Contractual Advisory Services In Large Infrastructure Projects. It Is Passionately Committed To Enhance Competence And Effectiveness Of Project Managers With A Mission To Achieve Excellence In Areas Of Infrastructure & Project Management Consulting By Continuously Adopting The Latest Global Trends And Dovetailing It To Local Practices.

Founder's Profile

S Vijayalakshmi – MD

Our MD is a Computer engineering graduate and a management certificate holder from IIM Calcutta. She is charismatic, transformational and a democraticleader. She has a rich experience in Construction Management and handling Construction Projects. She believes in self-efficacy and more on herself. Her professional competency includes project management by systems and transparency for effective communication and success.She emphasizes on independent quality assurance and quality control for every project. She is an ex defence (FLIGHT LIEUTENANT EX) officer from the INDIAN AIRFORCE who has served as a technical officer in operations and maintenance of missile operations and aeronautical equipments.

Special IAF experience:
  • Tsunami Relief Operations while in IAF with Tamil Nadu State Government
  • OP Parakram deployment

Logo History

The Velohar Infra Private Limited logo illustration is a simple piece of art which symbols the growth of the company & employees with a trade mark. This gives the customers a message how Velohar really believes in bringing people together.

Shape of the Velohar Logo

The Velohar logo is subtle yet brilliantly conveys the company’s corporate image. Velohar logo is extremely simple with a well-designed letters of the company name. Velohar is known for their simplicity and ease of reliability which is mentioned with the logo as simple and reliable.

Color of the Velohar Logo

A Dark blue & Dark yellow tint of Velohar logo demonstrates the distinguishing corporate identity. The use of blue shades reflect on the firm’s simplicity and the yellow shades about the reliability, while enhancing the company’s quest for innovation and improvement.

Advantage Of Velohar Infra Private Limited

Repeatability with consistency
Faster delivery with uniform quality
Capability to handle site of any magnitude, anywhere
Defined process flow and monitoring system provide
Better control over execution with stage of production determinable at any time
Established sequences and methodologies increases productivity and reduces errors
Correct sequencing to ensure quality finishing within set time frames

Pillars Of Our Velohar Family


S.Vijayalakshmi S.Rajalakshmi

Key Team Members

R. Muniyandi, Projects and Planning
R. Dhamotharan, Projects and Planning
R. Rajesh, HR and Admin
V. Manojkumar, Purchase
S. Raja, Accounts


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