Air Conditioning
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Contractors

We introduce ourselves as HVAC solution providers in the field of Central air conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation and central heating projects on a turnkey basis. Our activities span complete designing, planning, selection, supplying, installing the equipments, testing and commissioning of the Air conditioning systems including service and maintenance.

The HVAC system is also known as climate control. The following are the services
Central chilled water plant systems
DX system/VRV systems
Primary/Secondary pumping system
Ventilation system roof extractors and jet fan systems
Clean room technology for micro electronics, micro mechanics and pharma
District Cooling systems

HVAC Controls

Centralised Monitoring and Control on PC based Graphics work station
Primary AHU controls (Standalone and BMS compatible)
Chiller Plant Management
Runtime optimisation of pumps and fans
Variable Air Volume systems
BTU metering and billing system for multi tenant applications

Third Party Integrations

Precision Airconditioners
DG Sets
VRV Systems
Secondary pumps with VFD
Fire Alarm System

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